Canvas: A Generative Graffiti 3D Art Collection

Felt Zine presents CANVAS, a new generative series of 500 max 3D graffiti NFT artworks by Creative Director Dev Moore & designer Josh Parsons exploring the limitations of expression in modern society. This NFT collection examines the nostalgia of both nature and technology in the age of censorship, anti-privacy, and anti-expression. Mint your Canvas here. View its secondary market NOW.

Canvas by Felt Zine: #258: censorship. — chasing likes. — flowers. — black box logo. — dreamscape

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Not only is the content of our work important, but the foundation on which we create it is vital to the truth that is built on top of it. What’s the truth when the foundation upon which it’s built isn’t?


On Monday, January 16, 2022, we will be opening applications for holders of Felt Zine’s PROV and Villains to change their Canvas identity or background. The changes will be reflected in the visual art as well as the metadata/properties. The first 20 applications will be accepted. This change could potentially increase your rarity dramatically while adding a level of individuality, personalization, and uniqueness to your CANVAS NFT.

Canvas x PROV Integration
  • Only One integration per wallet / per person
  • This application will run for one month from the day and then our metadata locks up.
  • Must hold at least 1 Canvas and 1 Villain/PROV in the same wallet!
  • First 20 applications will be accepted. Must verify your application w/ Twitter account.

Please note, in order to make these changes, you will need to hold 1 of each NFT you are combining. For example, if you want to update your Canvas identity with an older Felt Zine NFT, and change the background, you will need to have a wallet that holds at least 1 Canvas and 1 Villain (or PROV). Once the process is complete, your Canvas will be updated automatically to reflect the requested change.

The initial integrations are inspired by the common practice of NFT collectors doing custom edits of NFTs they collected to combine them into one profile picture. We aim to give our collectors the opportunity to express love for more than 1 project at a time in a way that is verifiable on-chain.

CANVAS Integration Application Process

Our goal is to be a future-proof generative art NFT collection. We are open to all suggestions for future integrations and utility. Join our discord for more information!

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