Secret Study on Future Adaptations

Hello, my name is Angara and I’m a Posthuman anthropologist. I’m also a former member of NeuBi Solutions – a confidential and corrupt organization running a vital human experiment. I want to introduce you to 5 select Beings that were created in their facilities, but first let me provide some context.

Nearly 6 decades ago in 2001, a group of tech elites (known as “Dr. Trust”) founded NeuBi Solutions and began ‘Posthuman Island’ – a research center beneath an island in the Philippines. Beginning in 2037, a group of human volunteers were left in isolation (with one-way access online) and repetitively mutated using beta quantum evolution technology. Twenty-three years later, I am revealing the current state of physiological, psychological, and technological developments that occurred in these persons and why they must be protected from Dr. Trust’s destructive ambitions. I need your help.



Vivi is part mother, part daughter, and part gastropod. Analysis shows a severe lack of sleep and strong dependency on caffeine. Inside her shell, she tends a garden of garlic and mugwort (my favorite time spent observing Vivi). Despite achieving her intention of fusing with her 4-year old daughter, she now expresses a desire to return to human form. The Dr. Trust board has refused to acknowledge this, instead planning an increased stimulus of stress to her environment.

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Fluxie’s character is consistent with her pre-experiment life of revelry, however, she’s developed a quality of constant transformation that makes her character a challenge to study. Fluxie has claimed to be in a relationship with multiple online partners (despite the closed-circuit internet). Aside from her other impressive adaptations, little is known about the technology formed inside her earring – rumors have spread amongst NeuBi Solutions staff that it may be able to by-pass the network limitations. Dr. Trust wants this technology at any cost even though it is biologically fused with Fluxie.

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nbs.ai.v13.3.7 / subject 1247: 

NBS is one of the many unexplained errors made by NeuBi Solutions. I was not present during the “accident” over a decade ago, but I was told that one of the control rats was removed from their usb slot without being ejected which led to this off-course evolution. I now suspect this was an early manipulation from the Dr. Trust group. I personally felt that Subject 1247 had the most promising trajectory at the start of the project, but now as NBS, she is more AI rat than human and suspiciously dedicated to NeuBi Solutions. There are, however, signs of internal conflict with its “host” – high levels of an energy drink cause a brief shutdown of AI processing and an increase in empathetic behavior – evidence of some control that remains from the woman deep within. The NeuBi Solution’s team working on Dr. Trust’s updated OS system for NBS is attempting to “fix” this neurological “bug”. 

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Imago possesses the single most powerful and dangerous piece of technology developed on the island today – her “Headstick” allows her to read minds. This is a clear breach of her contract and a serious risk to her mental health – causing increased loneliness and insecurity since its creation. There are several scientists who speak of Imago’s allure inappropriately and I can only imagine what they’re not saying aloud – I, myself, have felt guilty about my own attraction to her and the affect my thoughts could have. It should be self explanatory how dangerous her Headstick could be in the wrong hands.

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When Specimen was first cast for this project he was the World’s expert on Tardigrades (you can search his work for yourself), but throughout the course of his experiment he has completely forgotten this part of his past. Specimen may seem “lazy” by our standards but our analysis of his cognitive communications suggest a disciplined internal dialogue. Despite an unbelievable physical resilience (he can survive most obstacles of elemental life), he has made an exact science out of his preferred environmental sensitivities. Specimen’s adaptations have occurred without any external tool – I believe his “mechanisms” are rooted in the spiritual (a theory I was closed-minded to before studying him). The Dr. Trust group, however, distrusts Specimen’s mysterious disposition and plans to start surgical examinations paired with genetic alterations. 

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I can no longer take Dr. Trust’s bullshit. Please join me in fighting these injustices – the safety and well-being of the posthumans is now in your hands. 

Be prepared for NeuBi Solutions’ response to this leaked information – read the hidden policies and no matter what they may tell you: DO NOT USE THE EARWASHERS.

– Angara

***NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: At the time this article was published, NeuBi Solutions refused correspondence. We are now looking into the allegations regarding the mental health of Angara. Stay tuned as the investigation unfolds.



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